1 Oct 2019

    Making Sustainability Work for your Business

    Our conversations with businesses operating in the UAE confirm that environmental and societal issues are of increasing importance to customers and clients alike, so much so that many of the ...

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    7 Sep 2019

    48 ways to save water in the UAE

    Here’s our bucket list of simple ways to save loads of water in your bathrooms, kitchens, gardens and homes.

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    5 Sep 2019

    Water Conservation Cheat Sheet for the Workplace

    Start saving water today with this list of 18 actions. There’s something for every type of organisation, from small offices to large property...

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    15 Aug 2019

    Before we found oil, we had water

    Water has always provided for the people of UAE, shaping the country’s cities, towns, culture, traditions, industry, trade and economy.

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    4 Aug 2019

    Documenting the Progress of your Organisation’s Water Savings Initiatives

    Optimise your water stewardship efforts by measuring key indicators and documenting results at regular intervals. Get started with these best...

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    28 Jul 2019

    Help protect our water bodies

    The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging it. When it comes to water, there are 3 issues we need to tackle today, to avoid a crisis...

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