16 Sep 2021

    Threatened Species

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    Agent of Change: Why do we throw away food scraps?

    Agent of Change: Why do we throw away food scraps? The Waste Lab’s co-founder Ceylan Uren talks about the significance of food scraps and her mission...

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    4 May 2021

    Agent of Change: It is Possible to Grow Your Own Food in the UAE

    Phil Dunn talks about his year-long mission to eat food he has grown himself in Dubai Sustainable City, and how he generates ZERO food waste. 

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    28 Apr 2021

    Agents of Change – This Ramadan, think about our impact on the universe.

    Founder of the Dubai Vegan Community, Assile Beydoun talks about why she chose to become vegan and the positive impact her diet has made on her...

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    21 Apr 2021

    Agents of Change: Learn how to Reduce #FoodWaste from our very own Master Chefs, our Mums!

    #CookSmarter and spruce up your leftovers this Ramadan with these tried ‘n tested tips from the best of the best – our mums! Afterall, they’ve been...

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    8 Apr 2021

    Agent of Change: “Eat local produce, it’s the most nutritious food you can get.”

    Emirates Bio Farm’s Yazen Al Kodmani talks about the importance of locally produced food and how he tackles food waste on the farm and in his home.

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